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Welcome to the Franklin-Essex-Hamilton BOCES
Established July 29, 1948

Budget Development Documents
(updated February 2017)

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  CVES Component Specific Documents 2016-17

 BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  FEH Component Specific Documents - Multiple Years

 BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  FEH BOCES Legislative Priorities January/February 2017

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  St. Lawrence-Lewis Position Paper January 2017

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  WSWHE Legislative Priorities January 2017


BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  NYSCOSS Easy to Read School Aid Run 2016-17

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  NYSCOSS 2017 School Finance Outlook

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  NYSCOSS Presentation on Superintendents as Advocates

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  New Reserve Fund Requirements for 2017-18

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  NYSCOSS Executive Budget Summary 1/18/17

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  NYSCOSS Sustainability Agenda January 2017

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  Education Conference Board School Finance Paper February 2017

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  NYSCOSS Budget Testimony February 2017

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  NYSSCOSS Budget Recommendations February 2017

Hinman Straub

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  Hinman Straub Summary of State Budge 2016-17

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  Executive Budget Summary Prepared by Hinman Straub 1/18/2017


BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  NYSSBA Executive Budget Analysis January 2017 

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  NYSSBA State of the State Highlights January 2017

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  NYSSBA Legislative Priorities February 2017

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  NYSSBA Talking Points February 2017

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  NYSSBA Handouts for Legislative Visits February 2017

Rural Schools Association

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  Rural Schools Association 2017 Legislative Priorities

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  RSA State of the State Response January 2017

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  Rural Schools Executive Budget Analysis January 18, 2017

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  Rural Schools Association Budget Testimony February 2017

Board of Regents/NYSED

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  Enacted State Budget School Aid Definitions and Runs 2016-17

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  Board of Regents State Aid Proposal for 2017-18

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  Budget in Legislative Priorities 12/2016 

Governor's Office

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  Items of Interest from Governorís State of the State Booklet January 2017

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  Updated chart - Governor's 2017 State of the State Proposals

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  Executive Budget School Aid Figures 1/18/2017 

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  Executive Budget Aid Runs 1/18/17 

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  Advocacy for Increased Aid on CTE Salaries

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  Exempting BOCES Capital From the Tax Cap

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  S3203 - Summary A2112 DS Salary Cap

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  Independent Democratic Caucus 2017 Legislative Priorities


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