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Welcome to the Franklin-Essex-Hamilton BOCES
Established July 29, 1948

• January 2018 Superintendent's Materials •

Wednesday, January 10, 2018
North Franklin Educational Center


1. Round Table
        a Professional Development Activity – Denise Luka (I/D/A)
        b. 2018-19 Calendar - January 10, 2018 (D)
        c. FEH BOCES Music Administrator Proposal (I/D)
        d. Responding to Non-credible Threats (D)
        e. TLE Presentation for Administrative Team (I/D)
        f. State of the State Analysis (I/D)

2. BOCES Management Services:
        a. Status of Preliminary Intent Forms & Follow Up Calls (D/A)
        b. Capital Project Update (I/D)
        c. Invitation for Business Managers to February Meeting (I)
        d. Upcoming Professional Development (I)
        e. White Space

3. BOCES Instructional Programs:
        a. Start Date for CTE/NV/Alt Ed Principal
        b. Recruitment for 2018-19
        c. Summer School Programs
        d. White Space

4. BOCES Office of Instructional Support Services:
        a. Discussion Items:
            • Math/ELA Standard Implementation
            • Science Standards Rollout – Jennifer Kilcoyne
            • Secure Test Materials
            • Expanded Safety Net
            • Agenda Planning Discussion for Superintendents’ Retreat August 14/15
            • Upcoming Professional Development
            • Offer to Assist with Title IV Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grant Application
        b. White Space

5. Matters Related to Health Insurance and Workers’ Compensation:
        a. Preparation for February JGB Meeting
        b. Review Legal Opinion on Revising the Municipal Cooperation Agreement
        c. Capital Region BOCES Pharmacy Coalition
        d. White Space

6. Other
        a. Consolidated Meeting Schedule – Updated (I)


7. Upcoming Meetings/Events and Closing Summary
        a. Next Superintendents’ Meeting – February 7, 2018 - 8:30 AM, AEC



Superintendent's Determination

Adminstration of Regents    .PDF    Power Point




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