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Welcome to the Franklin-Essex-Hamilton BOCES
Established July 29, 1948

June 2018 Superintendent's Materials

Wednesday, June 06, 2018
Paul Smith's College



      8:30 am:   John Morgan, Paul Smiths College

      9:00 am:   Anne Doyle, HESC


The following are among the items to be discussed:


      1.   Round Table

                  a.   2018-19 Meeting Schedule (D/A)

                  b.   Negotiations in a Post-Janus Era (I/D)

                  c.   FEH BOCES ESSA Event (I/D/A)

                  d.   2018-19 CDAC Initial Planning (I/D/A)

                  e.   RAC Discussion (D)

                  f.    DS Meeting Report (I/D)    Mental Health Education   /  Mental Health Education Literacy   / Transgender   PDF    PPT   /  Restorative Practices Training Signup

                  g.   Labor Relations Services (D/A)


      2.   BOCES Management Services:

                  a.   Bus Driver Exam Prep Course (D)

                  b.   Bus Drive Sub Pool Exploration (D)

                  c.   Forecast5 Update (I)

                  d.   White Space


      3.   BOCES Instructional Programs:

                  a.   Discussion Items:                                                       

                                Health Occupations at AEC (I/D)

                                NBA Principal Search (I/D)

                                Enrollment Status for 2018-19 (I/D)

                  b.      White Space


      4.  BOCES Office of Instructional Support Services:

                  a.   Discussion Items:

                                August Retreat (I/D)

                                Upcoming Professional Development (I/A)

                                School Food Service Program Regulations (I/D)

                                DASA and Related Regulations Update (D/A)

                  b.   White Space


      5.   Matters Related to Health Insurance Consortium:

                                  a.   Reminder of Need for Signatures on MCA (D)

                                  b.   Schedule of Board of Director Meetings for 2018-19 (D/A)

                                  c.   Approval of Actions Taken by JGB on May 23, 2018 (Draft Minutes Attached) (D/A)

                    d.   White Space


      6.   Informational Items:

                    a.   Foster Kids that Graduate


      7.   Upcoming Meetings/Events and Closing Summary

                                  a.   Next Superintendents’ Meeting – August 15, 2018 – 1:00-4:00 PM, Hampton Inn, Lake Placid (I)

                    b.   Consolidated Meeting Schedule (I)




Instructional Time Chart 6-5-18.doc





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