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Welcome to the Franklin-Essex-Hamilton BOCES
Established July 29, 1948

November 2017 Superintendent's Materials

Wednesday, Novemeber 15, 2017
North Franklin Educational Center


1. Round Table
        a. Professional Development Activity – Stan Harper (I/D/A)
        b. Farm to School Grant Opportunity – Ruth Pino/Diane Fox (I/D/A)
        c. Enrollment Data – Steve (I/D)
        d. NYSCOSS House of Delegates Report – Seth (I/D)
        e. NERIC RAC Report – Donna/Jerry (I/D)
        f. Legislative Advocacy (I/D)  RSA Sets 2018  Tax Rates
        g. Foster Care Students (D)
        h. Virtual Book Studies (D)

2. BOCES Management Services:
        a. Draft 2018-19 Service Guide/Potential New Services – Stacy (I/D)
        b. NYSIR Crisis Communication Services (I)
        c. Community Schools CoSer Exploration (I/D)

3. BOCES Instructional Programs:
        a. Discussion Items:
            • CTE/NV Recruitment for 2018-19
            • Bussing Drop Off and Pick Up Times at NFEC & AEC
        b. White Space

4. BOCES Office of Instructional Support Services:
        a. Informational Items:
            • Test Security
        b. Discussion Items:
            • Regional Staff Development Day Evaluation Day Summary (I/D)
            • Staff Development Day Planning (D)
                - South End February 16 (½ day), March 16
                - North End March 22 (½ day), March 23
            • Upcoming Professional Development (I)
        c. White Space

5. Matters Related to Health Insurance and Workers’ Compensation:
        a. FEH Board Health Insurance Presentation (I/D)
        b. Investment Strategy (I/D)
        c. Summary of Health Insurance Provisions (I/D)
        d. White Space

6. Other
        a. Consolidated Meeting Schedule – Updated (I)
        b. Academic Excellence Awards DateJune 6, 2018, 6:00 pm (I)
        c. Vendor Request for Future Meeting (I/D)

7. Upcoming Meetings/Events and Closing Summary
        a. SSFC North Country Meeting – December 4, 2017, Crowne Plaza, Lake Placid
        b. Next Superintendents’ Meeting – December 7, 2017 - 8:30 AM, Crowne Plaza
        c. Northeastern Council of School Superintendents Fall Conference – December 7-8, 2017




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