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Welcome to the Franklin-Essex-Hamilton BOCES
Established July 29, 1948

• August 2018 Superintendent's Materials •

Wednesday, August 15, 2018
Hampton Inn Lake Placid





The following are among the items to be discussed:


      1.   Trooper James D’Ambrio – School Safety (I/D)

            (Anticipated presentation/follow up question length is 30 minutes)


      2.   Raise the Age – Michele Mulverhill and Lisa Griffin (I/D)


      3.   Roundtable

                  a.   Review of Ground Rules (D/A)

                  b.   RAC Retreat Follow-Up (I/D) Cheryl, Jerry, Todd

                  c.   Bus Accident Review (D) Jerry

                  d.   July Board of Regents/August DS Meeting Update (I/D) Steve

                  e.   White Space


      4.   BOCES Management Services:

                  a.   Periodic Board Updates (D) Stacy

                  b.   Professional Development Non-Instructional Staff (D/A) Stacy

                  c.   FEH BOCES Web Site (D) Stacy

                  d.   Labor Relations Service (D) Steve, Stacy

                  e.    White Space


      5.   BOCES Instructional Programs:

                  a.   Discussion Items:                                                       

                                Projected Enrollment BOCES Programs (I/D) Cheryl

                  b.   White Space

      6.  BOCES Office of Instructional Support Services:

                  a.   Discussion Items:

                                School Improvement Plans (I/D)

                                Technology Plans (I/D)

                                Professional Development Plans (I/D)

                                Upcoming Professional Development (I/D)

                                    -  Regional Staff Development Day (I/D)

                                    -  Other (I/D)

                  b.   White Space


      7.   Matters Related to Health Insurance Consortium:

                                a.   September Joint Governing Board Draft Agenda (I/D)

                  b.   White Space


      8.   Upcoming Meetings/Events and Closing Summary

                                a.   Next Superintendents’ Meeting – September 12, 2018 – 8:30 AM, NFEC (I)

                  b.   Consolidated Meeting Schedule (I)







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