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Welcome to the Franklin-Essex-Hamilton BOCES
Established July 29, 1948

• October 2018 Superintendent's Materials •

Friday, October 12, 2018
Adirondack Educational Center




      1.   Round Table

                  A.  Professional Development Activity – Revised Schedule (I/D)

                  B.  September Board of Regents/October DS Meeting Update (I/D) Steve

                  C.  Possible Meeting at the Wild Center (D/A)

                  D.  2018-19 District Salary Survey (I/D)

                  E.   2018-19 Health Insurance Survey (I/D)

                  F.   Draft State Assessment Letter (D/A)

                  G.  SUNY Plattsburgh Educational Leadership Meet and Greet November 13

                  H.  Mandate Relief

                  I.    White Space


      2.   BOCES Management Services:

                  A.  Capital Project Update (I)

                  B.  Business Officials Meetings (I/D)

                  C.  Sharing Information via SchoolTool (I/D)

                  D.  ALICE Training (I/D)

                  E.   White Space


      3.   BOCES Instructional Programs:

                  A.  Informational Item:

                           a.   Open House NFEC (10/17/18, 4:00 pm)

                           b.   Status Report on P-TECH, Share Newsletter

                  B.  Discussion Items:                                                       

                           a.    Interest in Special Education Classroom Programming for 2019-20   

                  C.  White Space


      4.  BOCES Office of Instructional Support Services:

                  A.  Discussion Items:

                      a.   Next generation standards rollout, a check for understanding, status update, interest in statewide partnership

         b.   Star Lab-new unit and renewed opportunities

               c.   Regional Staff Development Day Instructional Offerings

               d.   Regional Staff Development Day Non-Instructional Offerings

               e.   Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities

               f.    Survey to Gage Interest in Future Professional Development Offerings

               g.   Consolidated Meeting Schedule

               h.   Instructional Time Chart

               i.    Melding P-TECH into the CTE/NV/Alt Ed. Budget

                  B.  White Space

      5.   Matters Related to Health Insurance Consortium:

                               A.  Approval of Action of the JGB on 9/27/18 (D/A)

                               B.  Rough Draft of Agenda for 11/28/18 JGB Meeting (I/D)

                               C.  Designation of One Director to Have Custody of All Reports, Statements and Other Documents of the Plan           

                               D.  Approval of 2018-19 Meeting Dates Concurrent with Chief School Officer Meeting Dates

                 E.   White Space


      6.   Informational Item:

                  A.  Students in Foster Care

                  B.  NERIC schooltool™ Rocks Report


      7.   Upcoming Meetings/Events and Closing Summary

                                A.  Next Superintendents’ Meeting – Tuesday, November 6, 2018 – NFEC (I)

                  B.  Consolidated Meeting Schedule (I)






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