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Out of State Placement Memo - April 2011
2011-12 New requirements for data collection
Guidelines for Grade 9 Entry Data for Ungraded Students with Disabilities in the 2006 and Later Cohorts
Appendix 15 Revised for 2011-12 Final w/All Edits Accepted 9-21-2010
The IRS Portal
Reporting of College- and Career-Ready High School Graduation Rates Part II: Planning for the Transition
200910 Statement of Certification of Verification Report(s)

2011-2012 Appeal Application

Student Racial and Ethnic Identification

Collection and Reporting of Race/Ethnicity Data in 201011
Questions and Answers

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Data System Time Lines
Guidance on Use of Social Security Numbers
NCLB Waiver Public School Choice Public Comment Memo
2010-11 Prospective Accountability Status of Schools
2009-10 Data Verification and 2010-11 Accountability Timelines
Impact - NRT
Test Scoring Student Data Transmittal (Excel Spreadsheet)
NERIC Assessment Template 2009-10 (Excel Spreadsheet)
NERIC Enrollment Template 2009-10 (Excel Spreadsheet
NERIC Student Lite Template for 2009-10 (Excel Spreadsheet



Revised Graduation Rate Goal and Progress Targets for Determining 201011 Accountability Status

Collection and Reporting of Race/Ethnicity Data for Individual Students

Collection and Reporting of Race/Ethnicity Data in 2010-11
Questions and Answers

Student Racial and Ethnic Identification Form

What is the Data Warehouse? (PowerPoint)

NERIC Assessment Template

State Performance Plan: School District Schedule for Data Submission for Federal Indicators (05/05-10/11)

New York's Differentiated Accountability Pilot:  An Overview

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